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hurricane irma (1)

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Hurricane IRMA Destroying Lives- NEVER SEEN BEFORE [Compilation]


This massive Hurricane goes by the name IRMA and she is destroying everything in it's path. This is what a…

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With rappers of all different lanes expressing their views on mental health, suicide is a prominent topic in hip-hop right now. Recently, Logic performed his suicide prevention track “1-800-273-8255” on the MTV’s VMA stage, bringing many in the audi…
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He told the truth on this one. Leave thoughts below.⬇️🚨STOP🚨 "BWF ALERT" Music By NINOBROWN. Check out more videos on

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How Can I Get On Spotify Playlist

One of the most important metrics to determine how successful an artist will be on Spotify is the number of times their music has been added to playlists. As Charles Alexander of Streaming Promotions says, Spotify’s algorithm is powered by “collaborative feedback,” a process of crowd-curation where millions of users teach Spotify (and their editorial team) what to notice out of a nearly endless catalog of music. Playlist activity provides proof that your songs are worthy of further attention.

Prominent playlists can also provide you with instant access to a huge number of new listeners and boost your streaming revenue alongside that engagement. Those new fans discover your music while passively listening to a playlist they’re interested in, and all those streams add up to earnings too. For instance, Spotify’s “Your Favorite Coffeehouse” playlist (curated by their in-house editorial team) has over 2 million followers. When CD Baby artist Perrin Lamb got a song placed on that playlist in 2015, he earned almost $60k from just that one song on the platform.

But how do you get your music onto a prominent Spotify playlist?

Like most things in the music business (and life when all is said in done) you don't simply appear one day and get a melody included on a major playlist like "New Music Friday." Though these sorts of playlists DO highlight music from unsigned craftsmen, you have to work your way there slowly and carefully, lay the preparation, and in the long run get the consideration of huge playlist keepers. This guide will layout a methodology that puts you and your melodies in a superior position to prevail on Spotify. In any case, in the first place, why concentrate on Spotify?

The gushing scene appears to augment each month, with Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Google Play, TIDAL, and numerous others vieing for audience members. In any case, Spotify, with its 40+ million paid endorsers and 100 million dynamic client accounts, is the unmistakable pioneer of the pack. They likewise have the glory of pioneering a trail for adapted music spilling. Put basically, accomplishment on that stage most importantly others will have the greatest effect on your music profession.

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