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The Love of Music


Music whether it is our beloved HIP- HOP,  R&B, Pop, Blues, Rock n Roll, Jazz, opera etc.., its is a universal language. Music defies all boundaries including time eras.  The lyrics, instruments and rhythm produces an "expression of emotion". 

The common goal of this rhythmic energy is to entertain, to heal, to evoke joy, to express despair, set the mood for love, to provide  party atmosphere and to tell a satire. The boundaries music leaps over goes beyond the goal of the song, it has the capability to speak to everyone.

If you are blind you can hear it, if you are deaf you can feel the vibrations of the instruments or beat, if you speak a different language from the lyrics the mood of the song can be felt. It is truly one of Gods most precious artistic gift to mankind. It is known to help heal emotional wombs, bring different races and cultures together in one space, we dance to it, cry with it, make us want to be in love, and to dream. These are the reasons we "music lovers" should support musical artists.

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Written by: Justice and Danny R.

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    Love this post. Now that is music.
    • Thank you.
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