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 Click To Listen: Church Hoes by @Rapmonster

Click to Listen: Church Hoes

Lil Dee Has A Message for Church Hoes and it’s Nothing Nice

Known for pushing the envelope with his confrontational lyrical offerings, Lil Dee releases his latest single Church Hoes. The title inspires a variety of images of
what one may expect to hear in a track with such a provocative name. Just the mention of Church Hoes could cause an emotional reaction from the church goer to the low down dirty heathen, a powerful factor due to the title’s ability to spark curiosity from a wide audience of listeners. The song starts out with a subtle chant that leads into a crescendo of regal instrumentation. Once the chorus comes in, the listener realizes that what they imagined Church Hoes to be is quite different from Lil Dee’s interpretation.

Lil Dee’s lyrical expressions aren’t for the faint hearted as he continues his mission to challenge black people to question what they were taught about religion among other prevalent points of discussion in today’s society, and to use common sense. A one versed lyrical assault, Lil Dee spews warning after warning to all Church Hoes with lyrics such as:

“Trying to leave me with no pot to piss in / An Eye for an Eye, I don’t fuck with Christians / When I catch up to ya I’ma give you the business” and “Where the work go, you a church hoe / leave you face down in the dirt bro.” When addressing the ills in society the message isn’t always going to be nice and Lil Dee has no qualms about bringing the unpleasantry.

Unsigned Artist Promotion

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Dee Day's Lyrical Journey

    Dee Day (aka Danny Rogers) is a talented lyricist, a versatile rapper, and a producer. He is "carving in stone" his mark in the Hip Hop entertainment industry. Dee Day was born on June 1, 1989, in the legendary musically driven city of New Orleans, Louisiana. He grew up with his parents and an older sister. The West side of town in which Dee Day and his family resided was over taken with illegal activities and consistent homicides. Dee Day witnessed so much mayhem he began writing as a way to mentally escape and express himself. The creative way in which he wrote allowed him to write poetry which led to his love for turning his poetry into music. This is what began his quest of being a successful rapper. Dee Day realized as a very young man that music was his lifeline in reaching his ultimate goal of bettering his life. According to him, "Music takes me into another place."

    Listening to his inner voice that told him he could succeed, he began entering Rap battles. These Rap battles tested his lyrical skills and stage presence in front of large audiences. These Rap battles reaffirmed that he had the talent, bravery and support to become a "force to be reckoned with" in the highly competitive Hip Hop music industry. His songs held the attention of large crowds as he put his poetry into motion.

    Dee Day always knew his lyrics were powerful to him but he began to understand that his words could also inspire others. His music was becoming a soaring career, he released successful mixed tapes. Notable musical industry producers and DJ's started to work with him. For instance, DJ Don Cannon a prominent Grammy award nominated Hip Hop producer and DJ cosigned two of Dee Day's mixed tapes.

    There is a famous quote that is known among the writers, it states, "A poet needs pain more than pen to write a poem."  Simply put, the more pain you witness the better writer you will become. Consequently, Dee Day is fortunate enough to have become a better writer but  is unfortunate in what he had to lose to become one. Isnt it ironic? In 2015, his road manager was shot and killed, this traumatic experience led him to become a more conscious driven writer. He took to his beloved paper and pen to write, " Your life can change in an instant and you must live every moment to the fullest!"


Dee Day's passion for music has given him the opportunity to perform in more than 100 cities, including New York, Houston and Miami. He has been featured in Complex Magazine, This is, Hip Hop Weekly, Hot 97s, That's Nuff, and Power 96 in Los Angeles with Manda Fresko. His collaborations include: DMX, Juicy J, MGK, Nipsey Hussle, Kevin Gates, Bun B, and Cam'ron. Dee Day's video "Hang On" has been on MTV. He was featured and performed on Rock T's "Stomp Wars" in 2014. These exposures placed him in a position of being in high demand. He was asked to perform in front of high school students in which he took the opportunity to spread a positive message. He told the high school students, "Do the right thing to reach your dreams." Dee Day is passionate with every performance using his raw edge to bring his lyrics to life.


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Rhianna's Success Secrets

   Artists would like to tell themselves that in order to become successful in the mainstream entertainment business, talent is the only criteria that is required. But, of course it is not. Instead, it takes a multitude of components to form and shape an artist into superstardom. When I think of a modern day artist that evolves constantly while perfecting her craft that allows her to stay persistant, I think of Rhianna.

   Rhianna signifies not only an undeniable talent with an amazing beautiful voice and lyrically strong songs. She has a diverse sense of fashion, her unwillingness to give up, a very strong dynamic stage presence, and a unique blend of being accessible to her fans but still has a mysterious air to her persona. These are a few of Rhianna's components that has made her a star in the entertainment business.

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We are pleased to invite you to "I'm A FATHER F1RST" and KING TALKS first annual "Day At The Park," June,10  2017, located at Maynard Jackson High School 801 Glenwood Ave Atlanta, GA 30312.

Keith A. Lewis Jr., visionary behind I'm A FATHER F1RST", and KING TALK is no stranger to adversity as well as success. After the Langston Hughes High School tragedy where four students lost their life, "I'm A FATHER F1RST" stepped in and implentmented the pliot program of Brilliane Acaemdacy, an entrepreneurship and leadership program that teaches teams how to run a business and  become effective leaders in their community starting on June 12.

After several years of being a community activist and playing an intricate role is shaping the lives of upcoming athletes professionally, he wanted to give back more.This year will be the start of the annual "Day at the Park."

"A Day at the Park" will feature a wide range of athletes,  trainers, and guest appearances you won't forget. The atomposhere will be family reunion friendly including BBQ, snow cones, Horses back riding, face painting, kickball tourmenets and more . This event will bring out families and communities of all Sizes.  Our mission is to uplift, empower, and educate fathers to become better equip, not only as a leader  to their family but also be an intricate part of that "village".

We look forward to continuing our relationships with our partners, community, athletes, press, and all parties involved — with only 27 days left until the event, our Brand is committed to making this sure this an event you won't forget.

Anyone interested in getting involved as a sponsor, press or volunteer should contact

For more information, please visit our website
And our social media

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The Love of Music


Music whether it is our beloved HIP- HOP,  R&B, Pop, Blues, Rock n Roll, Jazz, opera etc.., its is a universal language. Music defies all boundaries including time eras.  The lyrics, instruments and rhythm produces an "expression of emotion". 

The common goal of this rhythmic energy is to entertain, to heal, to evoke joy, to express despair, set the mood for love, to provide  party atmosphere and to tell a satire. The boundaries music leaps over goes beyond the goal of the song, it has the capability to speak to everyone.

If you are blind you can hear it, if you are deaf you can feel the vibrations of the instruments or beat, if you speak a different language from the lyrics the mood of the song can be felt. It is truly one of Gods most precious artistic gift to mankind. It is known to help heal emotional wombs, bring different races and cultures together in one space, we dance to it, cry with it, make us want to be in love, and to dream. These are the reasons we "music lovers" should support musical artists.

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Jordan Crafton is a 29 year old award winning filmmaker and founder of JDC Films. Since establishing JDC Films in 2005 the company’s work has been featured on many media outlets such as Huffington Post, CNN, BET, People Magazine, USA Today, and Billboard Magazine. Jordan joined Nick Cannon’s NCredible Entertainment production company in 2012 and is currently focused on releasing his new film "My Block: Strong Island Part 2." JDC Films strives to create films that are edgy, innovative, and thought-provoking. Jordan's audience is growing and their five million collective views on YouTube and Facebook is proof of the audience’s appreciation and recognition of Mr Crafton’s work.

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Bigg D has been hard at work in 2017. Working tirelessly, Derrick "Bigg D" Baker has been helping longtime collaborator "Lamb" craft his upcoming project release. Lamb & Bigg D are partners in 12th & Collins Entertainment. 2017 has already been a great year for the Duo with Lamb being featured on Missy Elliott's newest single. The Elliott single "I'm Better" has already garnered over 15 Million views on YouTube. The single is a stepping stone for the duo as they hope to transition Lamb's career from that of a successful producer to artist.fffyt12th & Collins Entertainment is controlled by Grammy Award-winning producers Derrick "Bigg D" Baker and Cainon Lamb, known professionally as Bigg D and Lamb, and partner Dhaima Lindo. Bigg D was born in Miami, FL, but grew up in Carol City. Derrick's father was a professional musician and his mother a church pianist. Engulfed with love for music, Bigg D learned to play guitar and toured with BeBe & CeCe Winans and Shirley Caesar in the 1980s. He also always wanted to work as a producer and began producing for rap artists such as G-Shorties. Bigg D scored one of his first major production placements in 2004 with the single "Let's Go" on Trick Daddy's 2004 album "Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets".hjkhhjIn 2005, he landed another major production placement with "Best Rapper Alive," on Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter II" album. Bigg D also produced 13 records on Pretty Ricky's 2005 debut album "Bluestars". The biggest record from that album, "Grind With Me," reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 music chart. Bigg D closed out a successful 2005 campaign by producing "Unpredictable," the lead single from Jaime Foxx's 2005 album. Bigg D has worked with artists such as Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Jennifer Lopez, Charlie Wilson, and Chris Brown. In 2006 he won "Songwriter of the Year" with Mariah Carey at the 2006 BMI Urban Music Awards.jhjhu

Follow 12th and Collins on Social MediaIG: @12thncollins Twitter: @12thNCollinsFollow Bigg D on Social MediaIG: @darealbiggd Twitter: @IamBiggDMusicFollow Lamb on on Social MediaIG: @dareallamb Twitter: @daRealLamb
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NOLA Bounce Rapper Josephine Johnny BOOKED

Former bounce rapper "Josephine" Johnny Watson has posed a dilemma for New Orleans police over the past year or so.

AUG 2016 He was judged to be too sick to book at the jail when police arrested him in May 2015 in connection with an alleged shooting. And that meant the case against him couldn't go forward, making Watson what authorities sometimes refer to as an "untouchable."

Even so, Watson apparently was not too sick to continue terrorizing his Central City neighborhood, according to authorities. He’s accused of committing another shooting a few months ago, among other crimes.

But this week, police finally got their man off the street after tracking Watson down at his aunt's house. It wasn't immediately clear whether his health has improved enough for a jail stay or if special measures were taken to finally get him in custody.

Watson, 40, has now been booked on more than half a dozen charges, and police think they've taken a dangerous criminal off the streets.

“We think that’s going to be a win for us, and that’s going to help us with some of our violent crime in Central City," 6th District Lt. Nicholas Gernon said at a commanders briefing Wednesday.

Watson was well known in the late 1990s and early 2000s as a bounce artist. His 2002 album “Still on Da Run” included a song called “Riden' Illegal.”

Even in his heyday, police said his tough poses were more than just an act. In 1996 he was accused of killing a friend of his girlfriend. In 2001 police accused him of spraying a bar with gunfire. The District Attorney’s Office refused both charges, however.

After a stint in federal prison for defrauding FEMA after Hurricane Katrina, Watson returned to the streets. Gernon said Watson, who was listed as homeless on an arrest register, was known to bounce around Central City, causing trouble.

Early on the morning of April 11 last year, Watson apparently was crashing in an apartment with several other people in the 2200 block of Freret Street. When another resident ordered Watson to leave before a visit from the landlord, police said in a warrant, Watson snapped. He became “irate” and said, “I don’t got time for this,” according to the warrant.

As the other man began to walk away from the increasingly angry Watson, police allege, he heard a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot. The other man sprinted out of the house, fleeing “under the cover of darkness,” and waited half an hour before he returned. When he did, he told police, he found a single shell casing on Watson’s mattress and a bullet hole in a door frame near where he had been standing.

Police obtained a warrant for Watson’s arrest and pulled him over the night of May 26, 2015, outside of Al’s Bar in Central City. Watson claimed at the time that Officer Brian Stanley placed him in a choke hold while he was trying to find his proof of insurance. “I’m taking a little long or something getting out of the car, you know, so he, like, grabbed me,” Watson said.

A spokeswoman for the Independent Police Monitor's Office said she was “concerned” about the arrest, which was caught on body-worn camera footage. But NOPD spokesman Tyler Gamble said a Public Integrity Bureau investigation later cleared Stanley of any wrongdoing.

“The use-of-force investigation did not result in any sustained allegations, discipline or reprimands of any officer," Gamble said. "However, Officer Stanley was required to attend additional training." 

The arrest itself came to nothing, though. The Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office refused Watson for booking during a medical screening.

Watson carried a colostomy bag, sat in a wheelchair and described himself as a paraplegic during an interview in front of a Central City stoop last year.

Gernon called it an act. “He’s considered one of the ‘untouchables,’ because whenever he sees the police he jumps in a wheelchair and pretends like he can’t be brought to jail," Gernon said.

Written by Matt Sledge

Johnny Watson was born and raised at 4405 Josephine Street, and took his stage name, Josephine Johnny, to commemorate his heritage. At the age of 10, his love for music and influences from Michael Jackson, Tupac, and N.W.A. led him down a path that would birth one of the greatest rappers the South has ever heard. Fans quickly took notice of Josephine Johnny's powerful style and energetic personality.

In late 1999, Josephine Johnny was discovered and signed to Jam Tight Records, where he received his first record deal. He then put out four albums under the label. When the company started to keep royalties from him, he decided to launch his own record label, Josephine Records, LLC. His dynamic debut album's Trouble Will Find You, and Throw Back Thong, were two of his best pieces of work. The Workin Wit Sumthin song creatively reflects the ups and downs of the rapper/song writer's experiences. This particular song shows Josephine Johnny’s high energy and undeniably distinctive style of rap. This style helped him land big gigs and performances with other major artists, including, B.G, Juvenile, Lil Boosie, Ja Rule, B-Low, Turk, Magnolia Chop, and Eurka the Golden Child.

Josephine Johnny has also been invited to make special guest appearances at celebrity basketball games, the New Orleans Jazz Fest, and Teen Summit, held in the New Orleans Superdome. He has also put his much requested talents on display at major universities like Grambling University along with Ja Rule and Juvenile. Josephine Johnny’s energy has influenced and added to the flavor of other superstars including, Beyonce, Ludacris, Reggie Wayne, Reggie Bush, Chad Johnson, and Joe Horn. They have all been seen doing the Josephine Johnny Dance, and his energetic skills even gave one of the most famous artists (Ludacris) good reason to say his name in the “Why Don't We Fall In Love Remix” with Amerie. His video played on Phat Phat N All That, and All Good in the Hood. Since the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, the South and Southern music has steadily evolved due to the New Orleans Bounce originators, of whom Josephine Johnny is one of the premier pioneers.

Josephine Johnny feels that God gave him a gift, so it's only right that he lead the way with his gospel song “I Believe in the Lord”, which he has performed with warm welcome at churches in the Houston metropolitan area. Josephine Johnny music has an eternal sound that appeals to fans of all ages.  His music, dance style, and name have traveled all over the world with the likes of Beyonce and Ludacris. He proves on his albums that it’s possible to be classy and funky at the same time. Through the power of his music and dance, he hopes to bust radio speakers, television sets, and magazines wide open.

What makes Josephine Johnny different from other artists is his drive to learn and stand out, above, and beyond. Losing his twin brother, Lonnie, who helped him start the company, and his nephew in 2005 has been very hard for him. When Johnny lost his twin, it took a lot out of him. He feels that now is the time for him to make a major comeback to the music game and continue his legacy of leaving a lasting musical impression on the entertainment industry.

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Lady Gaga Gets Lifted..Literally..Super Bowl 2017

During a recent stop on her radio promo circuit, Mother Monster confirmed that she'll kick off the set suspended from the roof of Houston's NRG Stadium and it was an idea that came from the star's sibling out of all folks. "My sister was like, 'I know, let’s suspend you in the air!'" she admitted.

Gaga also offered some insight on how close the NFL remains to the act throughout the performance's preparation period.

"First of all, there’s a lengthy process to go through, meeting with the NFL and sort of applying and discussing what you would do in the first place," she explained. "I think that part of how they decide who is going to come and do the halftime show is based on our ideas and what we want  to do.

They were really excited about the show we wanted to put on. They’ve been super supportive. They’ve been there every day at the rehearsal space with us and cheering me on while I rehearse. It’s been really great."

You'll also see Gaga during the coveted commercial break when a short spot for her endorsement with Tiffany & Co.'s new fashion jewelry collection airs before her performance. Be on the lookout! 

Super Bowl LI airs on FOX on Sunday at 6:30 PM ET.

Written by James Dinh

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Najee Harris 2017 Football Recruit

I’m not sure if it was our natural Gump jitters, or a simple look at the depth charts of the respective schools, or maybe even sites trying to gin up that page views, but Najee Harris’ recruitment got decidedly weird the last six weeks of the season.                                                                

Harris’ mother and brother were apparently very interested in keeping him close to Cal, and for a while the Bears were thought to be in the mix. All in the backdrop, was the push from Michigan — which had no elite back and very much is in need of one for Harbaugh’s scheme.          Playing time, and a lot of it early, seemed to await at Ann Arbor. Then, there were the dueling plane trips and decision dates Harris made the first week of January, as he was deciding between Michigan and Alabama.

In the end (with a big assist from fellow early enrollee, and now-roommate, Tua Tagovailoa) Najee stayed true to his commitment and touched down at Birmingham’s Shuttlesworth Airport on January 7th. He is now enrolled and is undoubtedly getting smoked by Coach Cochran and the 4th Quarter program. Playing time, an NFL future, strong competition, and strong academics were the wish list items for Harris. It is to the University’s credit that Alabama’s academic profile has improved drastically enough in the past 15 years or so such as to at least be in striking range when mentioned that calibre of schools — ten years ago, Harris is almost certainly a Wolverine.

And, again, huge props to Tua:

The final tug toward Tuscaloosa may well have been his friendship with roommate Tua Tagovailoa, a five-star quarterback from Hawaii.

“That’s my dog. Tua is my dude,” Harris said. “He is hella funny. I can see myself being friends with him for life. They say you meet your best friends in college. When we first met, we just clicked. We’re just really cool like that.”


Now, for a quick breakdown of the 6’1, 200-pounder from Antioch, CA. The one weakness noted in his game is lack of breakaway speed. Alabama has had plenty of excellent running backs now starting and drawing paychecks in the NFL who lacked that extra gear (TJ Yeldon comes to mind.) And, as you see from his film, what he may lack in pure speed, he makes up for with game speed and a very versatile skills set. He may not have his pure high-end speed, but Harris’ length, feet, and hands are certainly reminiscent of Kenyan Drake all wrapped up in a nastier overall package.

Written By Erik Evans

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Watch the official music video for "Too Late" by Lil Durk.

Subscribe to Lil Durk's official channel for exclusive music videos and behind the scenes looks:

Directed, Shot & Edit: @JoeMoore724
Subscribe to Joe Moore Productions on YouTube for more videos:

More Lil Durk:

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On the heels of Donald Trump's inauguration, Polow Da Don brings his socially charged song and video for "THE LOVE CHALLENGE"!!

"Now is the time to focus on the people, put into perspective what’s important and deliver," he adds. "Focus on serving and delivering the people who supported you from the beginning. And once you serve those people, everyone who doubted you and betted against you will begin to believe one by one." ~Polow Da Don

video directed by: BenMarc

Find Polow on the web:

Also find The Yrs. on the web:

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Ralo - My Brothers (Official Video) ft. Future

Get the project, "Diary of the Streets II". Out Now!
Google Play:

Official music video by Ralo feat. Future performing My Brothers. 2017 FAMERICA, LLC

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Lil Bibby "You Ain't Gang" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

He does not sound like he sound. What is your take on the video? Brandon George Dickinson, better known by his stage name Lil Bibby, is an American hip hop recording artist from Chicago, Illinois. He released his debut mixtape in 2013, titled Free Crack. 

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Click to Listen: Church Hoes Lil Dee Has A Message for Church Hoes and it’s Nothing Nice Known for pushing the envelope with his confrontational lyrical offerings, Lil Dee releases his latest single Church Hoes. The title ins…
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With a very catchy hook, Plies strikes again with another banger called "Rock." 
"Rock" has hit over 9 million views on YouTube and 138k likes.
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"She is my rock, 'ock, 'ock, 'ock, 'ock, 'ock, 'oc".
With a very catchy hook, Plies strikes again with another banger called "Rock." 
"Rock" has hit over 9 million views on YouTube and 138k likes.
He has proven himself once again, that he can put ou…
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