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KARMA K.A.R.M.A (Knowledge of All Revelation Made Apparent) a Holy Hip Hop lyricist born and raised in San Jose, CA. While in High School, Karma knew he had a gift to write rhymes. Coming from the streets of San Jose, headed down a path of destruction, Karma saw his life flash before his eyes in a vision. When he gave his life to Christ, the passion to write was still burning inside him, but this time it would be used for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. KARMA just finished his fourth solo album “Take Over”. He’s traveled from the Valley to the Bay Area performing at various youth events, church gatherings, and birthday parties, not to mention the Pleasanton Fair. He’s also shared the stage with fellow Holy Hip Hop artists like Agerman & Kin-Folk. KARMA has a style like no other, bringing life lessons and the word of God through lyrical sermons.
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